ATvantage, LLC is a contract athletic training company.
We provide an exclusive interaction that matches
certified athletic trainers (AT) and clients based on needs and qualifications.

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We limit the liability of your organization by pre-screening all athletic trainers and verifying credentials.

We ensure that the people you hire to provide health care are equipped to do so.

We can help show your community that the health of your athletes matters.

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We ensure you are being hired in quality work environments and not being taken advantage of.

We negotiate contracts before you work, protecting you from being underpaid and overworked.

We promote the profession by educating employers about the value of Certified Athletic Trainers.

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As a former professional footballer, I often placed my body in positions of intense discomfort. Our training and performance on Sundays required a serious mental and physical commitment. I have always felt secure to push it to the limit under the watchful eye of an experienced, caring athletic trainer. ATvantage Athletic Training can provide the same level of health care professional that an elite athlete utilizes. Access to a skilled athletic trainer stabilizes you psychologically which can liberate you physically. You then feel free to dominate and go get it!- MYRON ROLLE, Former NFL Player & Rhodes Scholar
Having been an athletic trainer for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to work in many capacities including roles as a clinician at many levels and as an educator. I continue to serve the profession in various leadership roles and am passionate about the quality and integrity of athletic training. I applaud the efforts of ATvantage Athletic Training who work to verify credentials, as well as match potential contractors and athletic training professionals. Services such as these, from ATvantage Athletic Training, help preserve the profession and promote athletic training in a positive manner.- ROBERT D. KERSEY PHD ATC CSCS, Professer/Director CSUF & NATA Hall of Fame